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Summit Aviation Unveils New Platform to Assist Law Enforcement

Summit Aviation Unveils New Platform to Assist Law Enforcement
July 8, 2013

Summit Aviation, a Greenwich AeroGroup company announced today that it has developed a cost efficient Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) platform to aid law enforcement officials.

The solution is a modified Mahindra Aerospace GippsAero GA8 Airvan Astra. Utilizing off-the-shelf commercial packages, Summit has successfully modified the GippsAero GA8 with customizable features such as a full work station with moving maps and overlays, cross-cuing of various sensors, a 3D mapping aerial camera system and full motion video capability.

“At Summit Aviation we have a long history of providing services for the Department of Defense,” said General Manager of Summit Aviation Ralph Kunz. “We have taken some of the best practices and technology in terms of services for the DoD, and modified them into a cost efficient package applicable to meet the needs of law enforcement personnel.”

Kunz added that they chose Australia’s GippsAero GA8 as the aircraft to modify due to its level of airworthiness and safety certification standards, the high cabin volume and payload and its fuel efficiency.

Summit is showcasing the aircraft for the first time at this week’s Airborne Law Enforcement Association trade show in Orlando, Fla., booth number 472.

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