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Prepurchase Evaluations

At Summit Aviation, we understand how critical a Prepurchase Evaluation is to a new buyer or broker. We know because we have years of experience conducting these types of evaluations on rotor-wing and fixed-wing aircraft. Our process consists of three major elements:

  • Aircraft visual evaluation
  • Aircraft maintenance records audit
  • Reporting the results of these two items


During the aircraft’s time with us, our knowledgeable team of technicians will:
  • Review aircraft logbooks to determine the aircraft inspection, Air Worthiness (AD), and Service Bulletin (SB) status.
  • Evaluate the aircraft – visually evaluate the fuselage, engines, propellers/rotors to determine overall condition.
  • Provide a complete list of noted discrepancies or airworthiness concerns.
  • Estimate pricing for repairs, and fix identified problems.
What Can You Expect Once The Evaluation Is Complete?

Items that will be in your aircraft report will be, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Principal Aircraft Data
  • Principal Engine Data
  • Principal Propeller Data
  • Principal Radio and Avionics Equipment
  • Aircraft Interior Specification
  • Aircraft Mission Configuration/Information
  • Notable Modifications
  • Aircraft Physical Condition Key Findings
  • Photographs of Observations/Damage
After the reports have been presented and reviewed by the buyer and seller, an approved plan of action will be established. Ease your mind and turn to Summit Aviation for your Prepurchase Evaluation.


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