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Extended savings for all King Air and Beech 1900 aircraft customers

When you do business with us, we want to extend our sincere thanks ... by way of extended savings.

That’s right, when you purchase parts or service at one place, you’ll receive credit at another participating company under the Greenwich AeroGroup umbrella. It’s just our way of saying we hope you come back again and again… and again!

Here’s How it Works

Our one-stop-shop program enables customers to use their rebate toward any and all aircraft needs, including parts (including nonstock items), maintenance, modifications, interior refurbishments and aircraft paint.

  • Purchase parts from Professional Aviation Associates > receive credit for maintenance or other services at Summit Aviation. 
  • Purchase maintenance or other services from Summit Aviation > receive credit for parts at either Summit Aviation or Professional Aviation Associates. 

Perks+ In Action - What It Means For You 

If you spend $20K in maintenance at Summit Aviation, you’ll receive a $1,000 credit (5% of your maintenance invoice) toward purchasing parts at Professional Aviation Associates, which you can use 20% at a time. Meaning you can apply 20% of $1,000 ($200.00) towards each of your next five (5) parts orders from Professional Aviation Associates.

If you spend $20K for parts over a year at Professional Aviation Associates, you’ll receive a $1,000 credit (5% of your purchase) toward a maintenance event at Summit Aviation, which you can use the entirety of during your event.

Perks+ Details

  • Customers receive a 5% rebate on all parts and maintenance invoices and 2.5 % rebate on rotables over and above invoices 
    • The rebate is valid for 12 months from date earned
    • The rebate earned during maintenance events at Summit Aviation is issued to Professional Aviation Associates for parts purchases
    • 5% of total maintenance event invoice, parts and labor included
  • Summit Aviation customers can use up to 20% of the total rebate earned during a maintenance event per parts order at Professional Aviation Associates
  • Rebate earned from buying parts at Professional Aviation Associates is issued to Summit Aviation for buying maintenance services
    • 5% of the parts invoice total and 2.5% of parts exchange over and above invoice total before rebate credit is applied 
  • Entire parts rebate credit at Summit Aviation can be used toward a single maintenance event
  • If you sell your aircraft, the new owner has the option of taking over your credit history - your Perks+ rebate can be transferred along with your aircraft
  • Quarterly reports on rebate credits usage and balance

Other Benefits

  • We offer a minimum of six (6) months, or 250 flight hours (whichever occurs first) warranty on all parts
  • We offer a minimum of 24 months, or 600 flight hours (whichever occurs first) workmanship warranty on maintenance events performed at Summit Aviation
  • Professional Aviation Associates offers same day parts quoting and shipping for overnight orders received before 7:30 PM or until last flight out of ATL for counter-to-counter orders (for more than 40,000 items in stock)
  • Summit Aviation provides AOG dispatch response availability
  • Customers receive an automatic line of credit at Professional Aviation Associates following an event at Summit Aviation and vice versa with timely payment history
  • Work directly with a Designated Regional Sales Manager at Summit Aviation, and a Sales Account Manager at Professional Aviation Associates

The Guys With The Details

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