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G500H TXi STC for MDHI 500N Series Aircraft

Summit Aviation holds a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the installation of Garmin's G500H TXi Flight Display System on MDHI 500N series aircraft.

We care about and have invested in the MD operator community. In partnership with the Law Enforcement community of Maryland’s Prince George’s County Police Department, Summit Aviation has successfully installed four Garmin G500H TXi flight display systems within the PGC operational Fleet of MD520N Helicopters.

The latest in electronic glass cockpit instrumentation, the G500H TXi brings increased levels of reliability, adaptability and affordability to MD 500N series helicopter operations. Available in both portrait and landscape options, the system provides bright, crisp touch-screen displays. It allows you to use familiar knobs and/or touch-screen inputs to quickly access the functions, screen views and other flight information the pilot wants to see most prominently.

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Mission Readiness

  • Five-color Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System
  • WireAware wire-strike avoidance technology
  • Garmin HSVT 3-D synthetic visio
  • Multiple video input options
  • Night vision goggle
  • Graphical map overlay within the horizontal situation indicator (HSI) for most display formats

Touchscreen Flight Displays for Your MD500 Series Helicopter

  • Bright, crisp 10.6” and 7” LCD touchscreen displays offer industry-leading scalability and flexibility in a wide range of panel configurations, making this STC perfect to fit your panel and budget.
  • Engine indication system (EIS) optionally available on 7” displays or 10.6” display with split-screen data strip make engine and fuel monitoring data easy to access.
  • HSI mapping enhances situational awareness with MFD-like geographical map detail, weather, traffic display and more — overlaid within HSI portion of the primary flight display (PFD).
  • Interfaces with popular avionics and autopilots, offering full touchscreen system continuity with Garmin’s GTN™ and GTN Xi series.(Additional hardware may be required and can be purchased separately.)
  • Full compatibility with original G500 system sensors for a simplified, cost-effective upgrade path.

Included in the G500H TXi STC (SR04194NY)

  • GDU 700 Portrait or Landscape Option
  • LRU Kit, G500H TXi, GSU 75H
    • GMU44, Unit Only
    • GSU75, Unit Only
    • Sub-Assy, GTP59
  • Install Kit, G500/G600 TXi, GSU 75H
    • Sub-Assy, GMU44, Conn Kit
    • Sub-Assy, Kit GMU44 Universal Mount
    • Sub Assy, Conn Kit, GSU 75
    • Install Rack, Modified, GMU44
  • Data Card, TXi, Database, Helo
  • G500H TXi, Helicopter Enablement - 1 card required per system/aircraft
  • Kit, Prod Info, GDU 700/1060
  • GCU 485, 1 Button, Unit Only - CDI
  • GCU 485 Conn. Kit1
  • Antenna, GPS, TNC

Summit Aviation is the only facility to have installed this system. We recognize there are range limitations for operators who may be beyond our facility in Delaware. To accommodate, we've developed a litany of options to support you and your installation preferences: we can install at our facility, in your hangar, or even provide you a kit to perform the installation with your local service provider. We're ready to talk with you and discuss any solution that supports you and your needs.

For more information about our STC purchase options or to book your installation, please contact Ken or Matt today, or fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with you!


Matt Tarczynski
C: 717.557.5602
Ken Pike
800.441.9343 | P: 302.449.1000
C: 203.895.0276


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