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CH-47 maintenance and repair services offered by Summit Aviation in Delaware.
Looking for a partner to perform CH-47 helicopter maintenance and repair? Summit Aviation has an extensive history of modifying CH-47 aircraft and a long-standing relationship with the OEM. Summit has a dedicated hangar on-site specifically for Chinook work.

 CH-47 Maintenance and Repair Capabilities:

  • CH-47 Inductions
  • CH-47 Maintenance, Inspection, and Repair
  • CH-47 Modifications & System Integration
  • CH-47 Completions
  • CH-47 Flight Testing & Training Support
  • CH-47 Refurbishment & Paint
  • CH-47 Parts & Logistics Support
  • Tethered Hover Capabilities
  • Laser Safe Pads
  • Aerial and Seaport Operations

 CH-47 Qualifications:

  • DCMA 8210.1 Rev C./AR-95-50 Rev. C. Approved Facility
  • Defense Security Services Cleared Facility
  • AS9100D-approved quality system
  • DCMA-approved ground operating procedures
  • Resident DCMA QARs
  • 24/7 ARFF coverage
  • NAS 3306-compliant
  • NFPA-compliant hangars
  • On-site ARFF services
  • Return to service delegation from U.S. Army and OEM
  • Military trained technicians

 CH-47 Highlights & Recent Projects:

  • Completed over 30 commercial sales for the U.S. government
  • Completed multiple 400-hour inspections on commercial aircraft
  • Completed phase inspections and completions for the National Guard in South Carolina, Montana, and Mississippi
  • Completed combining transmission mount beam repairs in Connecticut and Honduras
  • Rebuilt Chinook ramp after battle damage and shipped to customer
  • Fabricated two-part landing gear training devices for U.S. Army Aviation Logistics School (USAALS) in Virginia
  • Provided maintenance and flight support in California, Michigan, and Montana
  • Provided flight support in Vermont at ski resort lifting new ski poles
  • Performed experimental flight test on a Special Operations MH-47
  • Provided crews to ferry fly aircraft from Alabama to Michigan
  • Shipped six (6) Chinooks by Antonov to the United Arab Emirates
  • Shipped reclaimed aircraft parts around the world to support the warfighter

 CH-47A Model Refurbishment

Summit Aviation remodeled the oldest surviving “A” Model CH-47A. The craft was sitting at the Transportation and Mobility Museum in Ft. Eustis, Virginia, falling into ruin. The remodel included the following tasks:

  • Refurbished aircraft to original configurations and gave it a new paint job
  • Returned aircraft to museum and set it up for display
  • Complete exterior paint refurbishment

 Modification/Validation Support

Summit Aviation has supported airframe modification for new systems and flight testing as well as validation and verification efforts for the U.S. Army and the OEM.

Improvements include:

  • Cargo On-Off Loading System (COOLS) - replacement for the existing HICHs System
  • Improving the Infrared Suppression System (IRSS) to reduce the IR footprint of a flying Chinook

 Static Displays and Mock-ups

Summit Aviation has refurbished old airframes to be used as static displays and also has reconfigured airframes to represent possibilities for future builds.

Completed projects include:

  • V-22 Osprey Mock-up for OEM to advertise and sell in a search and rescue configuration
  • CSAR-X (Chinook Search and Rescue) mocked up to show the U.S. Air Force the capabilities and conception of a CH-47 Based Search and Rescue Platform
  • Mock-up and validation testing of an existing “E” Model aircraft.


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