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Summit Aviation has established a reputation for providing the highest quality of aircraft and customer service. Your aircraft will be serviced to the highest standards in the industry. Our experienced technicians perform comprehensive repairs, modifications, scheduled maintenance and inspections.

Summit Aviation provides a variety of rotorcraft services for customers who operate corporate, military and law enforcement helicopters. Our team of A&P technicians are OEM factory and Flight Safety trained. We provide our customers with the highest level of support and equipment repair utilizing the most up to date tooling, training and technology available in the industry.

When Mike joined the Summit team as a contractor nearly ten years ago, he spent most of his time in Hangar Eight working on our CH-47 induction program. Over time, he transitioned to GA rotorcraft, working on Bell and Delaware State Police helicopters and eventually Sikorsky S-76s, and others. Now, he takes lead on any opportunities that come his way.

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His current responsibilities include leading Sikorsky S-92 projects: making sure the aircraft is on schedule in terms of parts and services and making sure his team has plenty of work throughout the day. Mike enjoys leading; initiative comes naturally to him. 

In 1996, Mike joined the Marine Corps. as a high-level hydraulic mechanic on aircraft carriers. He also worked on other military aircraft, including F-18s, Helis and Cobras. When he left the military in 2001, he continued work as a civilian, performing hydraulic component repair for both military and commercial aircraft. He found his way to Summit when a Marine friend opened the door for him, and the rest is, well, history. His time in the military helped hone his leadership skills, time management capabilities, and attention to detail. 

His favorite part of the job is the work he does with his hands. He appreciates that no two days (or projects!) are ever the same, and especially loves when he and his team dive deep into the helicopters to see what they're made of. The satisfaction Mike feels internally from going so in-depth translates externally to the motivation of his team. 

"Our helicopter crew is a talented, unique group of people, and I'm proud to lead them," Mike said.

Meet David, one of our talented and passionate helicopter technicians at Summit. Despite being one of our younger team members, David achieved his A&P license just before the onset of Covid. With two years of experience under his belt, he brings energy and an eagerness to learn to our team.

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David finds immense joy in the ever-changing nature of his work. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities, ensuring that monotony never creeps into his routine.

His love for aviation dates back to his childhood. Growing up near Wilmington, Delaware, David’s family would frequently drive past the Dover Airforce Base. It was during a particular moment in the fourth grade that his curiosity was piqued. While passing the base with his mother, he inquired about how airplanes were able to fly. Even though she couldn't provide a definitive answer, that moment ignited a fire within David, and he made a firm decision to uncover the secrets of aviation. This marked the beginning of his aviation career journey.

In his current role as a helicopter technician, David wholeheartedly embraces his continuous learning process. He acknowledges that there is always more to discover and eagerly welcomes new opportunities to increase his knowledge. David's openness to being taught has earned him the trust of his leaders, who frequently entrust him with expanding responsibilities. He values the guidance provided by his experienced colleagues, as they eagerly share their wealth of knowledge with him. According to David, the key to professional growth in this role lies in accepting and learning from mistakes, ensuring personal development with every opportunity.

Summit is committed to bringing young A&Ps on board in an effort to help the aerospace industry grow both capability and future leaders. Driven by his unwavering passion, David's work is rooted in serving his team and the individuals who rely on the helicopters he diligently maintains each day.

Twenty-three years in, Summit Aviation Supervisor Jim Lewis finds plenty to love about his job every day, including the opportunity to lead his team in the quality workmanship customers have come to expect.

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Jim Lewis is the epitome of experience and dedication as one of our Supervisors at Summit Aviation, where he has honed his craft for an impressive 23 years. Each day, he finds reasons to love his job, starting with the appreciation of working on a diverse range of aircraft. From Bell to Sikorsky and much in between, Jim embraces the opportunity to immerse himself in different projects, allowing him to continually expand his knowledge and expertise. Despite his mastery in the field, he remains humble, constantly seeking new ways to learn and improve his skills.

Jim also loves the vibrant personalities that make up his team. He appreciates the dynamic atmosphere that comes with working alongside individuals who share the same passion for aviation. Jim understands that great teamwork leads to exceptional results, and he takes pride in fostering a supportive and collaborative environment where ideas are shared, challenges are overcome, and collective potential is realized.

Over the years, leadership has become an integral part of Jim's journey. What began as a responsibility has transformed into a genuine love for guiding and inspiring his team. Leading by example, Jim ensures that the work produced in the helicopter shop consistently meets and surpasses the high quality standards demanded by their customers. By striving to exceed expectations, he solidifies Summit Aviation's reputation as a trusted provider of top-tier aircraft maintenance services.

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  • Aircraft sales and leasing
  • Airframe & engine services
  • Avionics
  • Component repair and overhaul
  • Pre-purchase evaluations
  • Inspections
  • Installations
  • Modifications
  • Maintenance
  • OTC part sales
  • Paint
  • Repair
  • Special Mission/EMS equipment
  • Upgrades

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