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For Sale – Mahindra Airvan 8 demonstrator aircraft

2012 Mahindra Airvan 8 SN TC320-12-175 L REG: N1753S

This well-maintained Mahindra Airvan 8 demonstrator aircraft comes mission-ready, equipped with state-of-the-art tracking and surveillance equipment including a FLIR 380HD, WGS “TMS™” Tactical Mapping System and pilot and observer seating. All customizable upon request.

With superior performance, low operating cost and unmatched safety features, the Airvan 8 is the perfect solution for law enforcement and government agencies requiring an airborne command center to gather and transmit information during missions.

The Airvan 8 is also the only aircraft in its class that is certified to FAR 23 at Amendment 54 (VFR) & 55 (IFR) without exemption or need for equivalent safety determination.

Aircraft Features:

  • Mission-equipped
  • Garmin avionics
  • 7+ hour on mission time with full payload
  • Outfitted for multiple sensors and camera systems
  • Can take off and land on unapproved surfaces
  • Operates on avgas
  • Completely customizable
  • Easy to maintain and modify
  • Stable and quiet

Aircraft Performance:

  • Lycoming IO-540TC 6 Cyl, 320 HP
  • Max.  takeoff weight = 4000 lb. (Increase available to 4200 lb.)
  • Max. payload with full fuel = 1250 lb.
  • Fuel capacity = 88 gallons (usable)
  • Take-off distance = 1000 ft.
  • Landing distance = 520 ft. Range 6 hrs. (124 kts @ 8000 ft), 706 nm (with 45 min reserves)
  • Service ceiling 20,000 ft.

Configuration Equipment:

  • One workstation, one equipment rack, five seats, 28-volt alternator and pod with retract system

FLIR Systems 380HD EO/IR:

  • System supports all major suppliers (FLIR and others)
  • Daytime camera and nighttime camera (IR)
  • Full motion video
  • WGS Systems “TMS™” Tactical Mapping System:
  • TMS™ supports interfacing to digital data links as desired
  • TMS™ is fully integrated with the FLIR 380HD for EO/IR command and control and street address overlay
  • Comms and data link installed to customer specs

Systems Integration:

  • Aircraft is non-pressurized and easy to modify
  • Certified for two workstations and one equipment rack
  • Belly Pod with retract mechanism certified for 109 lb payload
  • Flexible cabin configurations
  • Large 42” sliding cabin door
  • 28-volt 100-amp dedicated Mission Power

For more information contact John Bonnell at 302.540.7517 jbonnell@summit-aviation.com.

Airvan 8 Fact Sheet (pdf)

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